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Teeth Whitening London Prices

If you're looking for competitive professional teeth whitening prices in London from a highly experienced cosmetic dentist, our 5* Harley Street clinic can help.

Our expert teeth whitening team include our principal and specialist prosthodontics dentist, Dr Sanei (GDC No: 67683), who has over 28 years worldwide dentistry experience.

At 75 Harley Street we consider that using the most effective and best teeth whitening treatment is more important than the cost of teeth whitening.

Polanight whitening

Our home teeth whitening kit of choice is the Polanight system. Polarnight is a superior product and gives an excellent return for your teeth whitening costs.

This kit consists of the Polanight gel at the required concentration for your teeth, which is stored in syringes.

Our Harley Street team will demonstrate how to fill your bespoke dental trays with teeth whitening gel using the Polanight syringes.

During your initial appointment at our clinic in Harley Street, London, we will recommend the correct concentration of gel for your night time needs.

Our teeth whitening prices

The teeth whitening cost for Polarnight gel starts from £750 for 10 syringes. How long these syringes last will depend on how often our teeh whitening team recommend treatment and how much gel you use each time.

As an average, 10 syringes should be adequate for 10 bleaching sessions if the gel is used sparingly.

The teeth whitening cost for the creation of bespoke dental trays will depend on the results of your initial consultation at our clinic.

All patients who undergo teeth whitening treatment must first attend an initial consultation appointment at our 75 Harley Street clinic.

The charge for this comprehensive and important consultation is £270.

Excellent value for money

When you look at the teeth whitening costs of this excellent Polanight product it is easy to see how it represents value for money, for the following reasons:

  • Our team have chosen this gel because it offers superior whitening
  • It also contains a desensitising agent, which reacts gently with nerve endings to soothe any potential sensitivity issues and maximise comfort
  • Polanight whitening gel also contains a fluoride element, which ensures that the tooth surface is remineralised following each treatment
  • Polanight has been created with a carefully balanced neutral PH, which allows the peroxide to achieve its full potential without causing patient discomfort.

Your teeth whitening at home experience

Many of the patients who visit our Harley Street clinic ask what the experience of using teeth whitening at home is like.

At 75 Harley Street we believe that the professional teeth whitening cost we charge allows us to ensure the most positive of patient experiences.

The Polanight teeth whitening gel is gentle but effective and comes in syringes so that it can be easily and safely injected into your bespoke dental trays.

The other important element of professional teeth whitening, the dental trays, also represent great value for teeth whitening cost.

During your first treatment appointment our team at 75 Harley Street, London will take impressions of your teeth and these will be used to create bespoke, well-fitting dental trays to hold the Polanight gel.

Potential other costs of teeth whitening

Please note that some patients with pre-existing dental issues such as gum disease will require additional dental hygiene treatment before teeth whitening treatment can take place.

Although this adds to the teeth whitening cost, it is a very important step that will ensure both a healthy mouth and superior results.

The other possible additional teeth whitening cost comes from the necessity, that sometimes occurs after treatment, to change the colour of fillings and implants to match the shade of the teeth following teeth whitening treatment.

If you have any concerns or questions about teeth whitening cost or treatment methods do feel free to get in touch with our team at 75 Harley Street in London.

Each preparation and treatment for teeth whitening is different and each of our patients has individual expectations. We are here to answer any teeth whitening questions you might have.

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5 star Google root canal review for 75 Harley street

"Embarrassed that I had neglected my teeth for several years, I plucked up the courage to have a first appointment with Dr Sanei. The staff at the practice were very welcoming and friendly, making me feel at ease.

Dr Sanei was friendly, gentle and very thorough. Carefully explaining the treatment plan, and schedule of appointments I would need to be time efficient. Also the hygienist Alexandra was excellent and very supportive.

Fantastic high quality service, and professionalism at this world class dental practice.

Highly recommend Dr Sanei and his team"

Jagjit Dhaliwal

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