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Teeth whitening dentist in Harley Street, London

Questions you might want to ask your professional teeth whitening dentist

Here at 75 Harley Street, London, we are always happy to answer patients’ questions about professional teeth whitening or any other cosmetic dental treatment. During your initial Harley Street appointment, your teeth whitening dentist will go into a depth of information about your treatment and expected outcomes. At this stage you may want to ask two important questions about your professional teeth whitening treatment,

  • Which teeth whitening dentist will be carrying out my treatment?
  • Will the treatment be carried out by, or under the supervision of, a professional teeth whitening dentist?

We have detailed answers to a range of teeth whitening questions on our FAQ page and are pleased to be able to answer to the above that all professional teeth whitening at 75 Harley Street is carried out by or under the supervision of teeth whitening dentists who are, not only qualified, but extremely experienced and knowledgeable about teeth whitening.

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