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Get your brighter, whiter smile with teeth whitening, for more information please fill out our enquiry form.

Teeth whitening in Harley Street, London

Fantastic results can be obtained from teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at home gives fantastic results and is a great alternative to in-surgery whitening and you will still get the same level of support and consultation from our clinic in Harley Street, London. Patients who used teeth whitening at home experienced more consistent and reliable results alongside less sensitivity to chemicals. Teeth whitening at home is the perfect solution for clients who have tea, coffee, red wine or smoking stains on their teeth. It can be useful for those who wish to lighten their teeth and gain confidence in their smile; to reverse the ageing and colouring effect or if they are born with congenitally dark teeth due to a variety of medical conditions. Following the right consultation at our Harley Street clinic, many of our patients use teeth whitening at home before big occasions such as wedding days or interviews, when looking their best is imperative.

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Teeth whitening at home gives your teeth a natural look

Although this procedure is called ‘teeth whitening at home’, during your initial appointment at our clinic in Harley Street, London our consultants will explain to you that the ultimate goal is to achieve the optimum level of natural whiteness for your looks and complexion. It is important to note that teeth whitening at home is designed to whiten the natural tooth structure. Veneers, crowns and bridges and any unaesthetic fillings will require separate treatment at our Harley Street clinic in London, although this might not be necessary.

Your lifestyle can have an impact on the longevity of your teeth whitening results

Teeth whitening at home gives excellent and easy to achieve results but the length of time that your brighter smile lasts will be dependent on your lifestyle. The results from teeth whitening at home can be affected by tea, coffee, red wine or smoking. However, by attending regular hygiene appointments at our Harley Street clinic in London and practising good hygiene maintenance at home, you can help your new smile to stay white for up to two years. The great news about teeth whitening at home is that, once you have received your teeth whitening kit from our London Harley Street practice, you can ‘top-up’ your white smile whenever you want.

Teeth whitening at home is painless and simple

Only a very small percentage of patients report any sensitivity during teeth whitening at home procedures. A few patients experience cold sensitivity following the treatment but taking regular analgesia can usually relieve this and symptoms generally subside within 24 hours, after which you can continue the whitening treatment to achieve your dream result.

Teeth whitening at home consultation at our clinic in Harley Street, London

During your initial teeth whitening appointment at our London Harley Street clinic, our qualified consultants will discuss your medical and dental history and expectations and examine your mouth for existing restorations, cavities, leaking or cracked fillings, gum recession, gum disease, dental/gum infection and staining. Our Harley Street consultants will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the procedure.

Custom-fitted trays for teeth whitening at home

Before you can apply the solutions required for effective teeth whitening at home, our Harley Street consultants will take an impression of your mouth and create a set of custom-fitted trays, designed specifically for your mouth. They will also show you how to fill the trays, fit them over your teeth and explain the guidelines related to use and timing. Trays for teeth whitening at home can be worn for multiple hours or overnight and are more comfortable and easy to use than you might imagine. If you have any concerns at all about using the gels or trays required for teeth whitening at home, our Harley Street consultants will be happy to help. Following your treatment, we can offer you a review appointment at our Harley Street clinic during which we will discuss your teeth whitening at home results and any further treatment that might enhance your smile.

How does teeth whitening at home work?

Click to watch the video below to help understand the process.

Teeth Whitening

Dentist-dispensed teeth whitening at home is a safe procedure

Teeth whitening at home is safe as long as it is overseen by a qualified dental specialist such as our team of consultants at our Harley Street, London clinic. Be wary of beauty salons that offer teeth whitening and DIY home whitening kits. Teeth whitening should always be performed under the supervision of a qualified teeth whitening dentist and DIY kits, including teeth whitening strips, can cause patchy results and leave your teeth and gums damaged and sensitive. By far the most effective and safe way to improve the colour of your teeth is to choose professional teeth whitening at home under the careful administration of our London Harley Street team.

Teeth whitening at home from our 75 Harley Street Dental Practice

Our smiles are important to us and we all know that first impressions count. Teeth whitening at home, under the supervision of experienced dentists such as our Harley Street team, is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures for very good reason. Time and time again our patients are thrilled with the results and with their new, brighter smiles. Our Harley Street consultants would be delighted to answer your teeth whitening questions. This safe, non-invasive and pain-free procedure is easy to perform at home and will give the results that you are seeking. Get in touch today to find out more or if you want to know prices, view our teeth whitening costs.