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Teeth whitening kits in London

Bespoke teeth whitening kits created by our London specialists

When explaining how a teeth whitening kit works it is important to understand the difference between teeth whitening kits that are bought over the counter, bought online or supplied by beauticians and teeth whitening kits that can be supplied and carefully fitted by our qualified Harley Street, London dental team.

DIY kits can be dangerous and give inferior results but if you have a set of home whitening trays created by our team during an appointment at our Harley Street clinic you will be guaranteed the very best in bespoke, well-fitting bleaching trays and the optimum strength gel for your teeth whitening requirements.

One of the most important aspects of an effective teeth whitening kit is a well-fitting, bespoke set of dental trays to fit over your upper and lower teeth and hold the special whitening gel. At our Harley Street clinic we take careful impressions of your teeth and use these to make custom made trays for your teeth whitening kit that fit perfectly into your mouth.

The best teeth whitening results come from longer exposure of hours or even overnight and we are pleased to announce here at 75 Harley Street, London, that our patients report almost no difficulty with the comfort of the bespoke trays in their teeth whitening kits and are happy to wear them for the required amount of hours.

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How to use a bespoke teeth whitening kit

The two key elements to your teeth whitening kit are the dental trays and the whitening gel. One of our Harley Street dentists will ensure that you have the correct strength whitening gel for your teeth and show you how to fill your bespoke dental trays from the syringes of gel provided.

Once you have practised, filling the trays and inserting them correctly into your mouth is not difficult and our friendly Harley Street team of dentists will be on hand to help you both initially and as treatment progresses.

Should you have any questions about your teeth whitening treatment while you are at home, feel free to contact the team at 75 Harley Street.

DIY teeth whitening kits can cause damage and pain

Teeth whitening is a dental treatment and, as such, should only be carried out by experienced dentists who understand the true structure and requirements of your teeth. Teeth whitening kits bought over the counter and intended for DIY purposes come with inherent risks.

These generic teeth whitening kits are not designed for individual mouths and some leakage of bleaching gel might occur, causing sensitivity and sometimes blistering in the mouth. Another major issue with DIY teeth whitening kits is that they don’t contain the right concentration or amount of whitening product, resulting in poor results.

Patients who come to our Harley Street clinic, who have used DIY teeth whitening kits, always report disappointing results and sometimes concern about damage to gums and enamel. These same patients, however, are always pleased with the results obtained from our bespoke, dentist created teeth whitening kits and trays.

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