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Teeth whitening questions (FAQ) for Harley Street, London

Many of the clients who arrive at our Harley Street, London clinic have teeth whitening questions to which they are eager to find answers. Our expert Harley street team are happy to answer any of these during your initial consultation but to help you get an overall view of professional teeth whitening treatment and answers to your initial teeth whitening questions, we have a few FAQs for you below.

What is teeth whitening?

Many people would like to see their smile look a bit brighter and one of the most common teeth whitening questions asked is, ‘What is teeth whitening?’ Professional teeth whitening treatments use a chemical whitening gel to remove stains and lighten the colour of your teeth. At our Harley Street clinic in London we are experts in the professional set up of effective home teeth whitening kits.

How white will teeth whitening make my teeth?

This is one of the teeth whitening questions that are often asked when patients first visit our Harley Street, London clinic. The answer is that no teeth whitening treatment will make your teeth completely white. At 75 Harley Street we pride ourselves on achieving the most natural best teeth whitening results to suit your mouth and complexion. Teeth whitening will remove stains and generally lighten your teeth. If you have any teeth whitening questions about your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 75 Harley Street, London.

How does teeth whitening at home work?

Teeth whitening at home depends on correctly fitting dental trays and the right concentration of bleaching gel. We are often asked teeth whitening questions like, ‘How can you be sure that the gel stays on my teeth?’ and the answer to this is that each set of dental trays is made specifically to fit your mouth and teeth, from the careful impression that we take from your upper and lower jaws. This procedure is performed at our Harley Street, London clinic.

Should I use DIY teeth whitening kits?

This is one teeth whitening question that we would like to answer with a loud and clear, ‘No!’ DIY teeth whitening kits, such as the ones you can buy over the counter at the chemist, do not come with the necessary strength gel to achieve effective teeth whitening results and they will not include the bespoke, carefully fitted teeth whitening trays that our dental team will create specifically for you at our Harley Street, London clinic. Bespoke dental trays are necessary to ensure that no gel leaks out during treatment. Another of our most common teeth whitening questions are those which concern the teeth whitening treatment available from some beauticians. Please note that only qualified dental personnel should perform teeth whitening treatment, be permitted to judge your suitability for the procedure or answer your teeth whitening questions.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

For our up-to-date charges, please view our teeth whitening costs on our fees page.

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