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Chair Side Teeth Whitening in Harley Street, London

Professional in-surgery teeth whitening in Harley Street, London W1

In-surgery or chair side teeth whitening is the perfect choice if you’re looking to get your teeth whitened in the shortest time possible, with minimal effort.

At 75 Harley Street we provide in-surgery teeth whitening using the widely respected and tested Opalescence office system by Optident.

Before Teeth Whitening Treatment

Before teeth whitening treatment starts, patients will always be seen for an initial examination and dental health check with Dr Sanei. Radiographs will be taken where necessary to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. This is to make sure there is no reason why in-surgery teeth whitening cannot be carried out.

If during the dental check up we find signs of excessive gum recession, open tooth cavities, cracks, gum disease or any other dental conditions, then these will have to be discussed and treated prior to exposing the teeth to the whitening products.

Teeth restorations such as ceramic or porcelain crowns, dental veneers, composite or plastic tooth bondings will not whiten with Opalescence whitening products. This means that after the tooth whitening treatment is completed, a mismatch of colour may occur. Natural teeth will have whitened and any previous tooth restorations may remain the same colour and will seem relatively dark. These implications will always be discussed beforehand and we will advise you of solutions available so you can achieve the whitening results you wish for with all visible teeth matching.

After the initial consultation, any pre-whitening tooth treatment will be planned and carried out. At the very least you will require a dental hygiene visit to ensure your teeth are clean, free of all superficial stains or discolouration, and the gums healthy.

Tooth Sensitivity

In surgery teeth whitening may cause some minor reversible sensitivity during the treatment process. In order to combat potential sensitivity and to desensitise teeth, we will ask you to use a fluoride mouth wash three times per day for the week prior to the treatment. On arrival to our dental clinic in Harley Street, we will provide you with analgesic tablets (painkillers) to help reduce any sensitivity you may feel enabling to complete treatment and achieve the best results possible for you.

How does the Opalescence office system work?

The Opalescence tooth whitening treatment entails the coverage and protection of the gums with a hard setting removable plastic layer. Application of the whitening gel onto the teeth is carried out with a syringe. The whitening gel is left for 20 minutes during which time it penetrates through the enamel layer and whitens the teeth. At the end of the 20 min session, the gel is washed of and after a 10 minute rest bite, we repeat this process two more times (3x 20 minute treatments with 2 x 10 minute rests in between). Most dental practices only offer two 20 minute treatment sessions but here at 75 Harley Street in London, we want to make sure we achieve the best results possible.

After In-Surgery Tooth Whitening Treatment

After treatment, we recommend you remain on fluoride mouth wash and mild painkillers (if needed) for a further three days.

The results achieved and their longevity will depend on the enamel make-up of your natural teeth and dietary factors.

If the in-surgery tooth whitening result is successful but you would like an even whiter smile, then we would recommend the "take home tray whitening system" which can be discussed with you.

In-surgery whitening can be repeated as often as you like to achieve the desired result, but after the first session it may not be as cost effective as the take home tray whitening treatment.

To book your chair side teeth whitening consultation, please call us today on 020 7935 3914, or come in and make an appointment with the 75 Harley Street team in London W1.

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