Dental Implants

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Tooth replacement options in Harley Street, London

Our highly qualified London Harley Street dental consultants are experienced at placing all types of dental implants including, single tooth implants, multiple teeth implants and full mouth dental implants. The advantages of dental implants over other tooth replacement treatments are many and include:

  • Permanency – tooth implants are placed directly into the jawbone
  • Comfort – dental implants don’t require additional frameworks in the mouth
  • Stability – dental implants bond with your jawbone to form tooth replacements
  • Bone improvement – dental implants stimulate new, healthy bone growth
  • Hygiene – dental implants can be cleaned just like your natural teeth

You can also read about dental implant risks and complications on our site so everything is clear.

Reasons for having single tooth implants

Single tooth implants, placed at our clinic in Harley Street, London, are a tooth replacement solution suitable for people who have a single missing tooth. Single missing teeth still have healthy teeth either side of them; in some cases people might require more than one single tooth implant. Prior to the development of dental implants a single missing tooth would have been replaced using a bridge. Whilst the placement of a dental bridge is an effective treatment, each dental bridge relies on support from the teeth either side and in order to fit the bridge, damage has to be done to the enamel of these supporting teeth. Harley Street tooth replacement via a dental implant avoids any damage to neighbouring and otherwise healthy teeth because the new porcelain crowns are supported instead by a dental implant that is screwed or tapped directly and firmly into the jawbone. Although this procedure requires a high level of expertise and experience, such as you will find at our Harley Street, London clinic, it can almost always be completed under a local anaesthetic. The crowns for single tooth implants are carefully colour matched to your natural teeth, with particular attention being paid to those teeth either side of the missing tooth. The results are impressive and single tooth implants are often so similar to the natural teeth that it is difficult to tell which is which. Many of our clients who visit our London Harley Street clinic are thrilled with the results of single tooth implants.

Reasons for having multiple teeth implants

For many people, the experience of having multiple missing teeth can be an upsetting and traumatic one, particularly if the loss of natural teeth is sudden due to accident or damage. Multiple teeth implants can replace any number of missing teeth and some of their roots, and are the best solution for anybody who wants to return their smile to its original state or replace teeth that are damaged beyond repair. At our Harley Street clinic we recommend multiple teeth implants to patients who have two or more teeth missing in one area of the mouth. Some of our Harley Street patients will have more than one area that requires multiple teeth implants and our London consultants always discuss all of the options for tooth replacement. Before the introduction of dental implant systems, the two options for the replacement of multiple missing teeth were fixed bridges or removable partial dentures. Neither of these solutions was as satisfactory as dental implants. Dental bridges are effective but always require some enamel damage to the supportive teeth either side of the bridge, and removable partial dentures can be difficult to clean. One other big advantage of multiple teeth implants, completed at our Harley Street clinic, is that the work done to replace some tooth roots will strengthen bone and keep it healthy whereas a tooth replacement via a bridge or denture can result in deterioration of the tooth root and a collapsed smile. Patients who have multiple teeth implants placed at our Harley Street clinic are usually thrilled with the results and surprised at how natural their new teeth look and feel.

Reasons for having full mouth dental implants

At our London Harley Street clinic our dental consultants are highly trained and experienced implant specialists skilful in carrying out more complex treatments such as full mouth dental implants. Patients who require full mouth dental implants may do so because they have had an accident or trauma that has led to a high number of missing teeth or because a large number of teeth are damaged through poor hygiene and decay. The advantages of full mouth dental implants in these situations are numerous. Harley Street dental implants give a permanent solution where other treatments such as dentures or dental bridges will need regular replacement, adjustment and maintenance. This is because, no matter how many teeth you are missing or need replacing, as long as there are sufficient bone levels, a replacement root in the form of a dental implant can be placed into the jawbone for each missing tooth. These dental implants, over time, bond with the bone in your jaw, forming a permanent and immovable structure on which to place your new dental crowns. Following full mouth dental implants our Harley Street patients report a high degree of comfort and stability. The comfort level of dental implants is one of the reasons that we recommend them to so many of our patients. No alternative treatment is comparable to full mouth dental implants as a long-term solution to damaged, missing or decayed teeth.

Tthe cost of dental implants varies from person to person, so you would need a consultation for detailed costs but you can view our standard dental implants costs. You can also view some tooth replacement before and after photos of patients that we have treated. If you want to ask us any questions about dental implants please contact us.

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