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Dental implant questions (FAQs) for Harley Street, London

The best way to get help and advice, including the answers to your dental implant questions and other tooth replacement options is to discuss your choices with a qualified and experienced Harley Street dental consultant. At our London Harley Street clinic our expert dental implant team go through a detailed consultation programme with all of our dental implant patients, which includes answering their dental implant questions. Before you come to visit us in Harley Street, however, it is natural to have dental implant questions. Dental implants are one of the most effective and healthy methods of tooth replacement but they are not always fully understood before clients visit us. We find that patients often ask us the same dental implant frequently asked questions and we have used these to put together a set of FAQs for you:

FAQ 1 - What are dental implants?

This is one of the most common dental implant questions. Dental implants are a tooth replacement system that can also replace missing roots. The tooth implant system at our Harley Street clinic consists of three elements, a titanium implant that is inserted directly into the jawbone, an abutment, which is attached to the dental implant, and a crown, which replaces the natural missing tooth.

FAQ 2 - Are dental implants right for me?

Dental implants are a recommended solution for anyone who wants a natural, confident smile alongside the assurance of knowing that they have had a missing tooth treatment that will be long lasting, robust and good for their on going dental hygiene. Some people have dental implant questions regarding their medical history. There are a few medical situations that might cause issues with dental implants and some of our Harley Street patients may need additional treatment to build up bone levels before tooth implants can be placed, but generally speaking, dental implants can solve any number of tooth replacement problems. We recommend that you make an appointment to talk to one of our London Harley Street consultants and discuss the best options for you.

FAQ 3 - Why are dental implants so strong and long lasting?

Dental implants fitted at our Harley Street clinic provide a solid and stable root for tooth replacement because the implant that is placed in your jaw fuses to your jawbone over time. This means that the implants can’t move around and are a strong and permanent solution to a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

FAQ 4 - How are dental implants placed?

Our highly trained consultants at our London Harley Street clinic place dental implants to exacting and rigorously high standards. This is a surgical procedure using local anaesthetics during which small screws are inserted into the bone of the jaw. These are then left for a number of months to heal before the abutments or posts that will support artificial teeth are attached.

FAQ 5 - Is the dental implant procedure painful?

This one of the most common dental implant questions. At our Harley Street clinic we use both topical (on the skin inside your mouth) and local (injected or intravenous) anaesthetic to ensure that you feel no pain during the placement of tooth implants. Whilst our Harley Street team do offer advice on post-procedure pain relief during our patient consultation sessions, many of our patients find that they have no need for this and are surprised by the level of comfort they feel during the healing period.

FAQ 6 - Can any dentist provide my dental implant?

This is a dental implant question you should consider very carefully. Dental implants are complex tooth replacement devices that must be placed with millimetre accuracy to achieve optimum results. Only specifically trained dental consultants, such as our Harley Street specialists, can safely and successfully place dental implants. Dr Mehran Sanei is our principal dentist and is an expert in prosthodontics (the cosmetic restoration and replacement of teeth). He is no stranger to dental implant questions and is regularly asked to give lectures and advice on the topic of implantology and received his Masters Degree in Prosthodontics and a Certificate of Speciality from the Ohio State University (USA) in 1999.

The FAQs above will give you the basic information you need to consider dental implants as an option for a missing tooth or teeth but each case is different and, should you have further dental implant questions, we offer friendly and informative advice at our Harley Street clinic to all patients considering this effective and long lasting solution.

You can find out more about the benefits of dental implants as well as the risks and complications on our site. You can also view some tooth replacement before and after photos of patients that we have treated along with the different types of dental implants we offer.

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