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Benefits of dental implants from Harley Street, London

If you are thinking about having dental implants fitted then Harley Street, London has to be the very best place to do it. Dental implants are growing in popularity and small wonder, these long-lasting tooth replacements for missing or severely damaged teeth, look natural, feel natural and work in exactly the same way as your own teeth do. The benefits of dental implants, placed in Harley Street, over more traditional teeth-replacement treatments such as dentures or bridges are numerous. We always recommend a consultation with our London dental implant experts, so feel free to make an appointment at our Harley Street clinic. To help you develop a greater understanding of this popular treatment we have listed some advantages of dental implants below:

Dental implants look very natural

One the most common comments our patients make, after completion of their dental implant procedure in our Harley Street clinic, is how natural their new teeth look. This is definitely a benefit of dental implants. Our Harley street patients are usually delighted with dental implant results because ‘natural looking teeth’ is the number one request at our consultations and is one of the main advantages of tooth implants. One of the advantages of dental implants is that they look natural because they fit directly into your gum in the same way as natural teeth do. The titanium implant that is fastened firmly into your jawbone at our Harley Street clinic replaces the root of your old tooth. This implant and the metal abutment that is attached to it are completely hidden by the prosthetic crown that is made from a bespoke composite coloured to match your natural teeth, this is a distinct benefit of dental implants. Each prosthetic crown is carefully shaped to match its natural predecessor and the resulting replacement tooth is surprisingly difficult to spot amongst natural ones. You can view some dental implant before and after photos of patients that we have treated to see how natural they look.

Dental implants provide a strong and long-lasting solution to missing teeth

Whilst other replacement tooth options rely on support from existing teeth or plates that sit inside the mouth, one of the definite benefits of dental implants is that they are set directly into the bone in your jaws and are immovable. Once a consultant at our Harley Street clinic has placed your dental implants, the process of osseointegration takes place. This natural process takes a few months but, during this time, new bone tissue grows around the implant, fusing it with the bone and making an incredibly strong bond, this bond is a clear benefit of dental implants. You will soon be back at our Harley Street, London clinic to have your new teeth fitted.

Dental implants can improve jaw and gum health

It is sometimes possible to overlook the jaw and gum health benefits of dental implants. Whereas other tooth replacement options can be damaging to existing teeth, for example the supporting teeth used in dental bridges sustain damage during fitting, the osseointegration process between a dental implant and the jawbone can stimulate strong bone and gum tissue growth. This, in turn, inhibits gum recession and jaw problems. The strength of tooth implants fitted at our Harley Street, London clinic gives patients the confidence to bite, eat and speak naturally and all of these are important to correct jaw alignment and comfort. Another of the advantages of dental implants is that they are far easier to keep clean and healthy than either bridges or dentures as they can be brushed and flossed in exactly the same way you would your natural teeth. As you can see, the advantages of dental implants over other tooth replacement procedures are many.

As you can read, the benefits are numerous. There are some minor dental implant risks and complications that you can read about on our site. If you want to ask us any questions about dental implants or dental implants costs please contact us.

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