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Veneers questions for Harley Street, London

Veneers Questions

Many of the clients who visit us at our London, Harley Street clinic have veneers questions concerning their issues, veneers treatment and the veneers procedure. Our specialist Harley Street team are always happy to answer veneers questions and we regularly ask patients if they have any veneers questions during their initial veneers consultation appointment at 75 Harley Street in London. It is entirely understandable that you might want the answers to some of these veneers questions before you visit our clinic. We have answered the most frequently asked veneers questions below.

What are veneers?

Veneers are extremely thin sections of material, usually porcelain, that replicate the natural look and function of a person’s own teeth. Each of the porcelain veneers that we place at our clinic in Harley Street London is bespoke and created to carefully fit and match the colour of our clients’ existing teeth. View our webpage to find out more about what veneers are. Why might my London, Harley Street dentist recommend porcelain veneers?

Some of the patients who visit our clinic in Harley Street, London ask veneers questions about the issues that porcelain veneers can solve. Veneers can provide dramatic improvement to the most crooked or stained of smiles without the necessity for lengthy orthodontic procedures. When you visit 75 Harley Street in London for your initial veneers appointment our specialist team will answer all your veneers questions and explain how veneers can improve your smile and end your concerns about stained, chipped, damaged or overcrowded teeth.

Will my veneers look realistic?

At 75 Harley Street, London our specialist cosmetic team are experts at achieving a natural-looking and effective result from the placement of porcelain veneers. When you ask veneers questions about the final appearance of your smile with new veneers, our Harley Street team will explain that they carefully colour match each veneer to your natural teeth and take dental impressions to ensure a perfect fit. View some of our fantastic veneers before and after photos.

What happens during the porcelain veneer procedure at 75 Harley Street, London?

Following your initial consultative appointment at 75 Harley Street in London you will be invited to a second Harley Street appointment during which your teeth will be prepared for your final veneers and impressions of your teeth will be taken. These impressions are sent to the laboratory together with precise colour instructions. During this time a temporary set of colour-matched veneers are fitted to protect your teeth, until your final veneers are ready. After a few days you will be invited back to another Harley Street appointment in London during which your final veneers will be carefully bonded to your teeth.

Can veneers be removed?

This is an important veneers question, which many of our clients ask. Prior to the fitting of veneers some enamel has to be removed from existing teeth in order to provide a super-strong bond. This means that veneers treatment is considered to be irreversible. At 75 Harley Street, London we are experienced at replacing incorrectly fitted or damaged veneers and you are welcome to come and discuss your concerns with our specialist dentists if you have any veneers questions.

How much do veneers cost?

For our up-to-date charges, please view our veneers costs on our fees page.

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