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Widsom teeth removal in Harley Street, London

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth removal is amongst the most common of our Harley Street oral surgery procedures. Wisdom teeth grow at the back of your mouth and usually don’t develop until adolescence or early adulthood. This late development means that they are sometimes growing into an already crowded mouth and can emerge at unfortunate angles or fail to fully emerge, this can sometimes necessitate impacted wisdom tooth removal. If you are experiencing discomfort from your wisdom teeth, we advise that you visit our London Harley Street clinic for a consultation. Failure to have the necessary wisdom tooth extraction can cause dental decay, gum disease, cellulitis and abscesses so we recommend an early appointment, x-rays and a specialist, London Harley Street consultation.

Impacted wisdom tooth removal

A wisdom tooth that cannot fully emerge because existing teeth are preventing it from doing (impacted) may require removal. This involves a surgical procedure, carried out by our consultant Oral Surgeon Mr Anish Shah at our London, Harley Street clinic, which can be performed under a local anaesthetic. Symptoms that indicate possible impacted wisdom tooth removal may include swelling around the jaw, halitosis (bad breath), swollen or bleeding gums, headache or jaw ache. However, not all cases of impacted wisdom teeth show symptoms, so we advise regular checks and x-rays at our Harley Street clinic in London.

Your wisdom tooth extraction procedure

Our Harley Street consultant Oral Surgeon, Mr Anish Shah, will make a decision about the necessity for wisdom teeth removal during your initial consultation appointment at our clinic in London’s Harley Street. Some London clinics refer patients who require wisdom tooth extraction for hospital treatment but our Harley Street clinic and London specialists are well equipped to deal with even impacted wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom teeth removal procedures can be completed under a local anaesthetic and, for more nervous patients; your Oral Surgeon may also offer sedation to aid relaxation. Each wisdom tooth extraction or impacted wisdom tooth removal is different and will require different techniques. Our consultant Oral Surgeon, Mr Anish Shah has lectured widely on such oral surgery and will, explain exactly what your wisdom teeth removal surgery will entail. View our wisdom teeth removal costs.

Aftercare following wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom tooth extraction or impacted wisdom tooth removal, as with any surgery, carries a few potential risks including numbness, stiffness of the jaw and pain. It is natural to experience some pain following wisdom tooth extraction but over the counter painkillers can usually deal effectively this with. At your preparatory appointment our London Harley Street team will explain the necessity of avoiding rinsing the mouth for 12-24 hours and of eating softer food for the first few days following surgery. The blood clot that forms in the tooth socket following wisdom teeth removal should be preserved as long as possible. If you have any concerns about postoperative issues related to wisdom tooth extraction, please don’t hesitate to contact our oral surgery team at 75 Harley Street in London.

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