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Wisdom teeth removal cost in Harley Street, Londonn

Wisdom teeth removal cost

Once wisdom teeth have become impacted, often the only solution to uncomfortable symptoms is to opt for wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth are the teeth that sit right at the back of your mouth and often don’t make an appearance until you are in your late teens or twenties. Wisdom teeth issues can take time to reveal themselves and it is sometimes not until later in life that wisdom teeth removal cost becomes something patients need to consider. When contemplating any Harley Street tooth extraction cost, it is important to remember that impacted wisdom teeth can cause tooth decay, repeated infections and damage to soft tissue in the teeth or gums and that treatment is well worth any wisdom teeth removal cost. Although we at 75 Harley Street in London understand that wisdom tooth extraction cost needs to be carefully considered, we would always recommend tooth extraction as a permanent and complete solution to uncomfortable and sometimes painful impacted wisdom teeth.

Tooth extraction costs and the benefits of tooth extraction

Some people become anxious, particularly about wisdom tooth extraction cost, when their dentist suggests tooth extraction as a solution to their impacted wisdom teeth or other serious dental issues. The list of patient tooth extraction concerns includes:

  • The tooth extraction procedure itself
  • Pain during the tooth extraction procedure
  • Wisdom teeth removal cost
  • Tooth extraction costs for other dental issues
  • Pain following the tooth extraction procedure
  • Possible complications and related further wisdom tooth extraction cost

At 75 Harley Street in London we try to alleviate concerns about wisdom teeth removal cost by explaining the many benefits of tooth extraction:

  • Wisdom tooth extraction cost and other tooth extraction costs are usually lower than expected because most tooth removal procedures can be completed under a local anaesthetic.
  • Tooth extraction cost can often work out more reasonable than other, prolonged treatments that provide less permanent solutions.
  • Tooth removal at an early stage can be part of a more cost effective treatment plan than one that involves prolonged and sometimes ineffective efforts to save a badly damaged tooth.

When you visit our London Harley Street clinic for your initial tooth extraction consultation appointment, we will be happy to discuss any concerns you have over tooth extraction cost or wisdom teeth removal cost as well as the particular benefits to you of teeth removal.

Wisdom tooth extraction cost

At 75 Harley Street in London we offer a wide range of oral surgery consultations and treatments. Our London consultant Oral Surgeon is Mr Anish Shah who is highly sought after as a lecturer on the topic of oral surgery to national and international audiences. At our Harley Street clinic, Mr Shah can offer our patients the very best in the latest oral surgery procedures and technologies. For Harley Street, London treatment, our wisdom tooth removal cost and general tooth extraction cost is usually between £450 and £750. We also offer other oral surgery procedures in London and the costs for these are assessed on a patient-to-patient basis depending on required treatment and procedures.

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