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Tooth extraction in Harley Street, London

Reasons for tooth removal

Adult, permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime but sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can lead to teeth becoming so crooked, overcrowded, damaged or decayed that tooth removal may become necessary. At 75 Harley Street in London our experienced London oral surgery team recommend tooth extraction for a variety of reasons.

  • In an overcrowded mouth, tooth removal may be required before some orthodontic treatments can commence. Orthodontic treatment aims to achieve the correct alignment for teeth and sometimes tooth extraction at our Harley Street clinic in London can provide the space required to allow orthodontic appliances to achieve their goals.
  • When tooth decay damages a tooth through to the pulp, which contains the nerves and blood vessels at the centre of each tooth, the tooth is at risk of infection. Our Harley Street, London specialists will sometimes recommend antibiotics to treat such infection but, if these don’t have the desired effect, tooth extraction at our Harley Street clinic may be necessary in order to prevent infection spreading.
  • Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the bones and soft tissues that enclose and sustain the teeth. In some cases of advanced periodontal disease, where the loosening of teeth has resulted, tooth removal may be the only suitable treatment.

The tooth extraction procedure

Whatever the reason for your tooth removal, you will naturally have questions you want to ask our Harley Street team about your London tooth removal procedure. Most tooth extractions are carried out using a local anaesthetic but some multiple or complex extractions may require a general anaesthetic. Our Harley Street oral surgery team can also provide sedation for more nervous patients. Oral tooth removal surgery involves the excision of any gum and bone tissue covering the tooth. Once the tooth is uncovered, tooth extraction is achieved by gentle rocking with a forceps tool to separate the tooth from the ligaments holding it in place. Just occasionally a more difficult tooth removal will require a tooth to be divided into pieces smaller fragments before extraction. Following tooth extraction some of our London Harley Street patients may require a few stitches but, for most, this isn't necessary and a healing blood clot will form with the help of gauze that your Oral Surgeon will pack into the empty tooth socket. Most of the patients, who visit 75 Harley Street in London for tooth removal, experience only a small amount of post-operative pain, which can easily be dealt with through the use of over the counter painkillers.

The complex extraction of teeth

Mr Shah is an experienced and well thought of Harley Street Oral Surgeon. He is no stranger to the more complex extraction types that can be indicated by some dental conditions. A complex extraction is any tooth removal where the tooth is not in an upright position or is difficult to reach. Sometimes a simple tooth extraction may turn into a complex extraction, if additional problems present themselves during surgery. Our Oral Surgeon and his oral surgery team at our Harley Street clinic in London are well prepared for both simple and complex extractions and can provide professional assessments in London before the procedure.

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