Root Canal

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Endodontist in Harley Street, London

Our specialist endodontist at 75 Harley Street

Dr Shahrzad Rahbaran (GDC No: 68475) is the specialist endodontist at our Harley Street clinic. Dr Rahbaran qualified as a dentist in 1992 but chose to specialise as an endodontist following the award of her MSc in Endodontics in 1999. Dr Rahbaran is extremely well thought of in endodontist circles and is an expert in her field; we are proud to have her on the team at 75 Harley Street.

As our endodontist expert, Dr Rahbaran provides a full range of specialist endodontic treatments.


An endodontist specialises in saving teeth that have been damaged by infection, breakage or deep decay. Another way of describing an endodontist would be to refer to them as a specialist in root canal treatment. Endodontics involves delicate, skilled work on the living tissue and surrounding tooth structures inside your mouth. These structures include a fine network of tissue fibres, nerves and blood vessels, all contained within the pulp or living tissue within your tooth. Infections in these living tissues can cause painful abscesses.

The advantages of seeing a specialist endodontist

Although any dentist can carry out root canal treatment (endodontics), a Harley Street specialist endodontist will have far more experience in root canal treatment than a general dentist. At 75 Harley Street, London Dr Shahrzad Rahbaran is our specialist endodontist and our practice is professionally equipped with state-of-the-art technology that has been specifically designed to improve patient outcomes.

Endodontic procedures at our London Harley Street clinic

You will usually experience immediate relief following your endodontic procedure. During your appointment at 75 Harley Street a small hole will be made in your damaged or infected tooth. Our local anaesthetics will ensure that this is a pain-free procedure.

Through this small hole, your endodontist will be able to locate root canals and ensure that they are clean and the necessary width. Once this has taken place, your root canals will be filled in order to ensure the absence of infection. If you had a painful abscess it will usually start to heal at this point.

Your endodontist appointment at 75 Harley Street London

One of the first things we tell patients who visit 75 Harley Street for endodontist work is that endodontics (or root canal work) is not painful and not as unpleasant as it sounds. We use the very latest in anaesthetic techniques and equipment and work closely with our more nervous patients to ensure that, during their endodontist visits to our London Harley Street clinic, they feel as relaxed as possible.

Each endodontist treatment requires an initial consultation appointment and some will also require a post-procedure appointment. During endodontist treatment Dr Rahbaran encourages patients to enjoy movies or listen to music and can offer further sedation should they feel this is necessary.

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