Root Canal

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Root Canal Treatment Cost in London, UK

Your root canal cost will be discussed with you at your initial consultation at our Harley Street clinic in London. Like most other in demand and highly skilled services, you will find that root canal treatment prices in London are generally higher than other parts of the UK.

At 75 Harley Street we believe in providing the very best in root canal treatment for all of our patients. Root canal treatment is, by nature, a very thorough and detailed procedure and each patient’s needs are different.

We will explain that root canal treatment involves the removal of infected tissue inside your tooth that risks or is already causing infection, pain and sometimes abscesses.

Once we have discussed root canal cost and the reasons for your treatment, we will explain the procedure in as much detail as you require.

Root canal cost factors

Root canal procedures are more or less complicated depending on which teeth they are performed upon. At 75 Harley Street we have adjusted our root canal cost schedule to reflect this.

For example, the root canal cost for premolar (towards the middle of your mouth) and molar teeth (towards the back of your mouth) is higher than the root canal cost for incisor or canine teeth (towards the front of your mouth).

There are other factors that can affect how much root canal treatment costs, these include:

  • Re-treatment for past root canal work
  • Severe infection requiring a crown instead of a filling
  • Extraction (and replacement)

Our London root canal prices

Our present root canal cost schedule has been developed to reflect the high level of expertise and up-to-the-minute technology at our Harley Street clinic in London.

Our specialist endodontist will be able to give you more detail when you visit Harley Street for your initial root canal consultation appointment but the root canal cost schedule below gives an outline.

These prices are extremely competitive compared to other expert endodontists in London.

Root canal treatment price  - standard procedures Price
Incisor & Canine teeth £1,150 - £1,350
Premolar tooth £1,250 - £1,450
Molar tooth £1,350 - £1,550

The other two treatments that will incur a root canal cost are the removal of a previously inserted tooth implant post, and internal bleaching. This can give great results to patients with stained teeth or teeth whose colour has been damaged by previous root canal work.

Root canal treatment price - additional procedures Price
Post removal £450 - £650
Internal bleaching £450

Root canal treatment can give effective relief from pain

Root canal issues rarely get better on their own and the longer you leave a sensitivity without consulting a Harley Street expert, the more likely you are to have a severe and painful infection.

The severity of an infection can have a direct impact on root canal cost and patients who visit 75 Harley Street for advice early on in their problem cycle often find that their root canal cost is lower than they thought it would be.

If you have any questions about root canal cost or procedure please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

To help your decision process, you can also read about the benefits of root canal along with the risks and complications of root canal.

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